Logo design Harare,  Zimbabwe

Logo design services Harare Zimbabwe

Logo design Services Harare, Zimbabwe

Offering Logo design services in Harare Zimbabwe , we have worked with a number of reputable companies in Harare of varying size . From small - medium enterprises to established engineering firms . Our logo design package Harare Zimbabwe builds unique , captivating brands that communicate and resonate with clients . 

Brand Design Harare , Zimbabwe

Brand development for businesses in Harare Zimbabwe is important because it helps your enterprise to be better known , loved and preferred . Your business logo is part of your business identity  , therefore , it is important to have a design that will stand out in the minds of Zimbabweans . A logo design that makes an impression on your potential Zimbabwean customers will help you establish and maintain a significant client base in the long run . Let us use our digital marketing expertise and  knowledge of human behaviour to build the  brand  that suits your business needs . 

Logo design importance Zimbabwe

Logo design Zimbabwe advantage


Logo design for your Harare/Zimbabwe business is a way to grab potential customers' attention with the ever decreasing  consumer attention span these days . 

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 Strong 1st impression

Your logo is your first chance to introduce your business to that potential client . If designed well , like we do , your logo will arouse interest from the moment people lay their eyes on the design  in Zimbabwe or anywhere in the world . 

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Brand Foundation

Your Logo is the foundation of your brand identity . It is your first  opportunity to influence and evoke emotion within potential clients . This will go on to affect every aspect of brand marketing that may come down the road . 

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 Competitive advantage

We take our logo design process seriously to help your establishment in Harare , Zimbabwe or anywhere in the world stand out from the crowd . A business logo conveys professionalism and helps you communicate your values to consumers which will  make them pick you . 

Our Logo Origination Process 

Brand design Zimbabwe(evaluation)

Brand Evaluation

We take time to understand your business , its value , inspiration and goals . Furthermore , we carry out research for the type of industry your business is in and the type of customers it will have . 

Logo Concept Design Zimbabwe


Our team takes the time to develop concepts for your  brand design to help you reach your Zimbabwe target audience . The purpose of this stage is to allow for as much creativity as possible and to pick concepts which can be combined later on . 

Logo Design Refinement Harare Zimbabwe


During this stage , the logo design is refined to incorporate feedback from the client ,  people and combinations of concepts generated during conceptualisation which ensures only the best final product . 

Logo design delivery Zimbabwe


Delivery of the final logo design which  the client can be confident in to help them  penetrate  the market in Harare , Zimbabwe and beyond . We offer various color schemes , file formats for use on different platforms and backgrounds .

Brand Design Projects Harare , Zimbabwe

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Cook IT Logo design Harare, Zimbabwe
Aqua Solutions Black Logo design, Harare
logo design harare zimbabwe(aqua solutions)
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Logo Design Pricing Harare , Zimbabwe


*3 Logo samples to choose from

*Up to 2 revisions after draft

*Up to 3 color schemes 

*Different sizes for different platforms(website , t-shirt, banner e.t.c)

*2 days delivery 

Basic Plus - $15

*4 samples to choose from 

*Up to 3 revisions after draft 

*Up to 4 color schemes 

*Different sizes for different platforms

*2 days delivery


*5 samples to choose from

*unlimited revisions

*unlimited color schemes 

*Different sizes for different platforms

*2 days delivery

*free business cards design

*free letterhead design

Pricing also offered in $ZW in line with the prevailing rate

Stand out with a professionally designed logo for your Zimbabwe business

Additional Services

Web Design-$40

*free lifetime hosting 

* .co.zw domain 1 year

*Google Business Profile

*Google Maps

*Google search results

*No custom business emails

Graphic Design

*Invoice/Qoutation (design only)-$5

*Invoice Printing A4 Duplicate-$10

*Invoice Printing A5 Duplicate-$8

*Flyers (Design only)  - $5

*A5 Flyer Printing-$20 for 100 

*A6 Flyer Printing-$10 for 100

Digital Marketing

Social Media - Facebook/Instagram ads


-5 day ad campaign

-daily reach 300 people

-1500 people total reach

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